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Easy Access Portal

P3Connect is a print job submission portal that integrates into the P3 System. Designed to be simple to use allowing people within an organization to request printing quotes and submit job orders. The easy to use interface insures anyone, regardless of print IQ, can comfortably submit pricing requests and job orders to your company. Job templates and forms can be custom designed for your customer. In addition P3Connect users have useful tools to keep their jobs organized. Implementing P3Connect at a customer site creates a strong business process that enhances service levels, saves time, reduces errors and provides greater oversight.

  • Increase Sales
  • Enhance Service Levels
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Capture all requests
  • Provides Access Upstream to Print Buyers and End Users
  • Includes Easy to Use Templates
  • Create a Menu of Pre-Specified Job Specs
  • BPO Customer access

P3Connect can be uniquely branded and populated with customer specific templates, forms and job specifications. Provide a unique, customer defined, easy to use, branded web experience for your customer to create and submit job requests and orders. Provide value before and beyond the transaction.

Great tool for the sales team

Sales associates can submit customer job / project specs from anywhere. They flow to the production team using P3 for immediate bidding or direct pricing. Quickly respond to customers with professional, branded pricing proposals/estimates.

The print procurement process made easy

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A brief overview of the P3Procure system workflow